Young abyssinian fawn
Kitten somali red
Kitten somali bleu-crème
Kitten black silver tortie
Queen abyssinian sorrel silver tortie
Young somali fawn silver tortie
Kittens abyssinians blue
Young abyssinian cream
Quenn somali blue-cream
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It is around 1860 that " Zula " the first abyssinian arrived together with a few other specimens in Europe, brought by the English colonists back from Egypt. It would have been mated by an African cat (Félis Libyca). So this old and natural race was named "bunny-cat, hare-cat, abyssinian", therefore the name of ruddy abyssinian was given to its usual color. The first selection criteria fixed in 1889 specifies that " it must be a beautiful chestnut, with black ticking, like the back of certain rabbits.
The Somali, cousin of the Abyssinian, was born during the " after war " years day in abyssinians litters. As it was difficult to find the same partner race, the recessive " long " hair gene has been introduced by breeding with other long-haired cats like American long hair, angora ...

If you know abyssinians and Somalis, you will fatally be under influence of their very particular charm. These sumptuous cats, wild and proud hides under their airs of fawn midget, a heart of gold and an overflowing curiosity for the humans they do love.

Queens are excellent mothers, and litters are generally small, 2 to 4 kittens on average. They are born with a bi-colored downy fur, sometimes presenting tabbies marks which disappears while growing up. The ticking (presence of 4 strips of color at minimum on the length of the back hairs), characteristic of these races, begins to appear toward the 8th week, impoverishing the density of the color which will come back slowly during the growth. Generally Somali and the Abyssinian cats tend to reach maturity more slowly than other races.

This cat's type must possess a foreign type head presenting an equilateral heart-shaped, rounded triangle; large ears open at the base and pointed forward with possibly long ear tufts. Eyes are expressive, big, slightly in almond shape, and their colour must harmonize wiith the one of the coat color; the chin is off-white even beige. The abyssinian has a short hair lying on the body, withoutan undercoat,; the Somali possesses a lying mid-long fur on the body, longer to the flange, on the stomach, and on the panties and a very sensible long tail in plume. In contest tabbies marks will be penalized; a closed necklace, a drab or cold color as well as all other white color as on the chin is serious shortcomings.
The coat color declines himself in 24 colors:
-. Classics: hare (ruddy), blue, chocolate (even rare), sorrel (cinnamon) and fawn (wood of rose).
-. The silver: black silver, blue silver, chocolate silver, sorrel silver and fawn silver.
-. The new colors and their derivatives: redhead (red), cream (cream); red silver, cream silver, ruddy tortie, blue-cream, chocolate tortie, sorrel tortie, fawn cream, black tortie silver, blue cream silver, chocolate tortie silver, sorrel tortie silver and fawn cream silver.
Its an easy cat to take care of. A weekly brushing is sufficient and the knots formation does?nt exist by Somalis.
It is an elegant cat, high on the fine paws and with little oval feet. They are made for the movement and the spectacle of their attitudes constantly renewed will dive you in a deep rapture.

The abyssinian and the Somali are cats capable to develop with you a real connivance, a permanent complicity. If you want a calm cat, watch elsewhere because they have a living and bracing existence; they remain players their life during and they try to participate in all your instants, not to monopolize your attention, but to make take you part to their pleasure to live. Their characters deprived with aggressiveness make the dreamed companion of the small children because they will play soft paw as well as with the other familiar animals.

To try him is to adopt him, then always coming back

would be the leit-motive of those that lived with abyssinians and Somalis.

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Mother et daugter black silver tortie
Queen black silver, kittens black silver, lièvre et sorrel
Mother red silver, kittens red silver, red et black silver tortie
Mother sorrel, kittens sorrel silver
Male black silver, kittens sorrel tortie
Kittens red et red silver
Kitten sorrel tortie silver